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Welcome to
NWO Orthopedic
Surgery Center

NWO Orthopedic Surgery Center consists of a dedicated team of surgeons and nurses specializing in musculoskeletal surgeries. We provide high-quality, cost-effective care to manage your pain, improve your mobility and increase the functionality of your joints. We treat patients of all ages and strive to improve your quality of life.

Meet Our Dedicated Team


NWO Orthopedic Surgery Center is dedicated to providing the community high quality, cost effective specialized orthopedic surgical care.


Our goal is to provide the best orthopedic surgical care to our community.


We value the following principles as the foundation on which our orthopedic practice is based and as the standards by which its conduct will be guided:

Patient centered, Excellence, Efficiency, Compassion, Quality, Cost effective

Dedicated Care for Musculoskeletal Issues

Our team offers a wide range of surgical procedures, including total knee and total hip replacement, fracture care, joint arthroscopies, ligament reconstruction, carpal tunnel surgery and more. Plus, we provide various procedures to treat sports injuries.

Our office only uses the most up-to-date, leading technology available for visual/imaging equipment, arthroscopy equipment and surgical equipment. We are a brand new, state-of-the-art surgery center and the only surgery center in Northwest Ohio dedicated to orthopedic surgery.

Choose a professional, compassionate team you can trust to provide you with musculoskeletal surgeries.

AMIS Information

For more information, contact us today at 419-427-3040.